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ISO-KF Stainless Steel Blank Vacuum Flanges with Bore

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These 304 Stainless Steel blank flanges are bored with standard inch tube outside diameters for connecting NW10 to NW100 ISO-KF flanges to various tubing diameters.

-Bored out blank ISO-KF flanges

-304 Stainless Steel construction

-Compatible with standard inch tube ODs



The ISO-KF components are assembled by inserting a centering ring between the two flange faces, then securing the assembly with a flange encompassing clamp.

There are a variety of clamp choices in the Series 31 line. The wing-nut clamp is hand tightened until metal contact is felt. A version of the wing-nut clamp with a washer is also available. The toggle clamp is convenient and easy to use. The clamp provides enough sealing force to fully compress the O-Ring, so that the flanges and the centering ring are metal to metal. The heavy-duty spring supports the full range of production tolerance variables. The self-adjusting clamp locks in a positive method. A pin can be inserted to prevent accidental release of the toggle lever. The toggle clamps are ideal for situations where the clamp must be removed frequently, like leak testing or gauge calibration. The Series 31 ISO-KF line also includes bulkhead clamps. They are used to attach an ISO-KF flange directly to a chamber or base plate. The two-part, bolted clamp fits over the flange. A centering ring assembly is needed between the flange and the opening. The bulkhead clamp kit includes the two-piece clamp, bolts and washers.

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ISO-KF Stainless Steel Blank Vacuum Flanges with Bore
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